Monday, March 30, 2009

The Toll Gate

Fairly disappointed with The Toll Gate. Although I was exceedingly grateful to find a Heyer heroine who wasn't in her teens and wasn't horribly naive. Still, the love story aspect, while quite sweet, was resolved far too quickly for my satisfaction and I really wasn't interested in the criminal mystery aspect that took up the rest of the narrative so that was a bit of ho hum. No particular vivacity of wit or screamingly funny verbal exchanges either.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friday's Child

Oh man, this is definitely the start of an obsession. new obsession, that is. Cos the tiniest suspicion lingered as to whether my enjoyment of the first was just novelty. But having finished my second at about two this morning, I theenk not.

Omigod, I love Georgette Heyer so very much! Like foaming at the mouth sort of much. Gah! *spasms*

Friday's Child was utterly mad and totally riveting. Aside from the hysterical plot, the dialogue omg! How the two best friends, while quite different, talked in the same short incoherent phrases ... I could hear them so clearly and it never failed to be funny, never became tedious in terms of sentence structure. Dude, talk about skill! And omg, some of the dialogue exchanges and hilarious verbal misunderstandings had the mental me falling about in fits of laughter. Pity the physical me can't actually do that cos she's too busy gripping the book and reading fast.

Admittedly, the innocence of the female protagonist neared grating point but every time it did, she was always redeemed by the best friends seeing her much clearer than our male protagonist. He was completely mad in his own right. Every time he contradicted himself with such flagrant confidence, my brain spasmed between outrage and sheer joy.

Totally. Awesome. Characters. Every single one of them, from major to minor to even Pug and Gil the canary. Hee. And I particularly applauded the keen-eyed attention to the more debauched and unsavoury aspects of Regency English society.

Damned fine stuff. Also, I adore these covers.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Corinthian

Hello. *waves* I'm dri, just joined the Georgette Heyer Challenge. I've read quite a few of her books over the last few months and already have reviews up elsewhere which I'll post over the next few weeks so as not to clutter up the blog. Just wanted to also apologise for the brevity of this first one. I think I was sort of shellshocked with delight. But no doubt, it will be purchased and re-read and reviewed at length in the coming months.


Read my first Georgette Heyer today, courtesy of the most excellent boojumlol.

Had no idea she was so scarily awesome and screamingly satirical. And since it was The Corinthian, there was the most delicious genderbending subtext. Which is, I suspect, why this particular one was lent to me as an introduction to Heyer. Although, considering the way it ended, maybe not that subtextual. *lol*

Kinda really loved it. This may well be the start of something beautiful obsessive.