Monday, July 9, 2012

Sprig Muslin

Audiobook (unabridged), read by Siân Philips, length: 10hrs 1 min

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"Oh. I forgot to mention that she is your niece. She and Hildebrand are cousins."
"I seem to have been acquiring an alarming number of new relatives" he remarked.
"Yes", she agreed.
She hesitated, colouring faintly. "Which puts me in mind that I should warn you, that I should be obliged to call you Gareth while we remain in this inn. I am afraid you may not like it, but..."
"On the contrary", he said smiling. "Are you also related to me?"

Dialogue between Lady Hester and Sir Garth, discussing how they contrived to make the innkeepers believe, that their party is completely respectable.

Miss Amanda "Smith", a runaway girl, who is determined to make her grandfather give his consent to her marriage to a mere Brigade Major by running away from home, meets Sir Garth Ludlow, an amiable Gentleman, who is on the way to propose to the very eligible Lady Hester Theale.
Throw in some abominable relatives, a disreputable libertine, an heroic youth and a whole lot of make-believe and here is another fine story by the queen of regency romances.

I have to admit, I am a little torn on this one.
It was definitely one of GH's funniest novels and on many occasions I could not help but smiling (I nearly laughed out loud a couple of times, it was so hilarious - since I usually listening to the audiobooks while I`m on a walk with my baby-son, people kept looking at my a little bewildered :))
The final scene, when all the wonderful and horrible characters of the book meet in a brilliant encounter...  - that is simply delightful.
But, I am a little disappointed about the romance part on this one. I thouhgt Lady Hester a little to "bland" - in my opinion one of Heyer's weekest heroines. The romance between her and Sir Gareth is not really that romantic, not like in most of GH's other books.
This one is really much more about Amandas adventures and Gareth efforts to keep up with her (and later, Amandas efforts to keep up with him).

So, although it is a very charming and truly diverting book, it does not rank amongst my favourites.
(Still a lot better than a lot of other non-Heyer books though :)

The narrator is once again Siân Philips, and once again, an outstanding performance. She makes it sound all so real. I love her style!
So great unabridged audiobook - definitely worth listening to.